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Take a new approach to business

So you love Amazon Prime and think it's incredible how fast they get your packages to you for no extra fees, right?

What if you wanted to give your business this superhero of shipping power, or better yet, what if you wanted something delivered even faster?

You are in luck, believe it or not; WayPoint Logistics can give your business the superhero powers it needs during the busy, shipping filled, holiday season.

In this post, I will cover all the significant advantages an expedited courier service partner can bring to your business.

Improved Reliability and Express Servability

By partnering with WayPoint Logistics, you can provide your customers and partners with the highest level of service continuity and instill a feeling of confidence and trust in your top priority clientele by offering same-day, overnight, or express white glove delivery services.

Imagine the positive impact that could have on your business, just by adding a few peace of mind service or product delivery options to your customer offerings your company has the potential to not only gain business but gain market share in your respective market.

How much could a reliable and reputable courier partner supercharge your business?

Improved Reputation

With a reliable and reputable courier service on your side, you can send out orders, issue contracts, or delivery payment the same day you need them!

You could even send larger items or shipments with the same speed and reliability. That means you can provide critical part delivery or palletized merchandise at the drop of a hat or the blink of an eye. 

You'll be known as the speedy, dependable, company that does, well whatever it is that you do.

Prevent Costly Downtime!

Let's stop for a second and put the shoe on the other foot. What if your business has costly downtime due to a broken device or part. What if you can not get one locally, and delivery will take days. 

No worries, just pick up the phone and call WayPoint Logistics, work with the vendor to find out where the part or device is located, and we will drive directly there and bring the part or device to you! 

Now, what if you wanted to offer that same piece of mind to your customers on any of your parts and services? No problem, that's the kind of thing a partnership with WayPoint Logistics will allow you to do!

Save the day, the same day!

Owning a business is hectic if you are a small to medium-sized business owner, you know better than anyone. If you have a family at home, it can seem almost impossible to get everything you need to be done, finished in time. 

Life happens, we get it! Wednesday morning you wake up feeling like you are forgetting something, you get Susie off to school, and just as you are pulling into the office, it all hits you at once. Payroll needs ran this week, and the contracts for the new customer you are onboarding need to be signed today to meet timelines. 

No worries, let us handle getting the contracts ran across town and signed, you worry about getting payroll done, and make sure you make it to Susie's play tonight.

Leveraging WayPoint Logistics same day courier services can make all the difference, not only in your busy life but in the quality and dependability our services will instill in your companies already sterling reputation. 

Our experienced couriers can ensure that those contracts will be signed, and if you need, we can even make sure they get notarized as well. 

Not just for emergencies!

WayPoint Logistics courier services can be used proactively as well. You can arrange pick-ups and deliveries of just about anything you can think of, weeks or months in advance, this will save you some coin over emergency rates. 

What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call WayPoint Logistics at (309) 661-3744 for a quote, to set up an account, or to get any additional information you may require.

We can't wait to hear from you!

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