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Technology is conquering several businesses because it heightens efficiency and makes the tasks easily scalable. Small and mid-sized companies reach an aggressively competitive stage by including gadgets that are flexible and adaptive to the market. The transition from analog to fully digitalized transportation management companies includes several technological features, such as cloud-based computing, Epod, driver app, and a route optimization software.

Cloud-based transportation scheduling stores information in a central location and provides updates without disrupting the user access to the interface. It does this by eliminating traditional constraints that affect a standard IT department and the human customer support team.

Why WayPoint uses a cloud-based TMS


Deploying a cloud system is easy because it has a direct cost reduction for users. Shippers can access the portal through a mobile or desktop; hence Waypoint eliminates the need to hire a large customer support team.

The transportation management company can redirect some of the funds to other essential aspects of the business to gain renewed freedom while using a cloud platform. 

Competitive edge

Implementing a cloud-based system means you have the same technological advantage as transportation management companies. Businesses can take advantage of these systems by offering the same types of discounts and features that are usually available only from large shipping companies.

Real-time data

Cloud storage and processing uses real-time data and algorithms to define the elusive metrics of a moving shipment. Clients can receive accurate data and make accurate predictions if their products’ arrival. Additionally, it is highly improbable that you will not receive updates because the cloud system will not have frequent downtimes.

Why use an ePod?

Using an electronic proof of delivery is an innovative way of improving business processes. This technology reduces clerical errors and eliminates the need to make manual data entries because it stores electronic signatures, photos of goods, and delivery routes.

Customers enjoy WayPoint’s improved customer service because we use simple solutions to deliver goods. The shipper has to enter the customer’s preference for deliveries and provide constant updates on the delivery status. They can also send notifications about pushing forward the delivery date due to damage of goods or another transport glitch. Ultimately, this efficient delivery system saves time and helps businesses create lasting relations with clients.

How the driver app is one of the best route optimization solutions

A route optimization software finds the best possible routes for deliveries by working through traffic, natural occurrences such as hailstorms, and usage of gas. The software ensures drivers keep time by eliminating fatigue due to long distance. The app also allows one to feed in a change of order while the first items are in transit. This setup enables the shipper to make the correct delivery within the timeframe of the original order.

Ultimately, the driver app ensures the safe and fast delivery of products with artificial intelligence and an omnichannel tool that integrates the client’s needs, the directives of a supply chain 24/7 company, and the courier’s service. These diverse 2020 best transportation management service boosts every party’s goals by reducing the cost of transport and ensuring the safe transit of drivers and goods.


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